Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has a valid PennCard may use PennCash. It is a built-in feature of the PennCard. For details, please visit PennCash.

PennCash is a quick, easy and smart way to make "cash free," "credit card free" purchases on campus. Convenience and safety are primary reasons. If you don't wish to carry cash or a pocket full of change, PennCash has many advantages. Here are just a few:

  • There are no membership fees or minimum balances.
  • If you report your PennCard lost or stolen, your money is secure and immediately available when you receive a replacement card
  • You can easily add value to your PennCard — available for you to use within minutes!
  • PennCash is accepted in places where other forms of payment, such as credit cards, are not — library copiers, vending machines, etc.
  • Your remaining balance is instantly displayed on your transaction receipt and your account history can be accessed online securely

If you lose your PennCard, your PennCash account is frozen as soon as you notify the PennCard office or Public Safety. The value of your account is not stored on the card — so if you've lost your card, you won't lose your money.

PennCash is a declining balance account that is intended for flexible spending around campus. You control the amount of PennCash you add to your account and how much you spend. Unused PennCash may be refunded to you when you leave the University, or you may also choose to donate your unspent PennCash to the Penn Fund.

The Student Financial Services line of credit (also known as the SFS account or Bursar) is extended by Student Financial Services to those students who are in good financial standing with the University. Any purchases made to your SFS line of credit are added to your tuition bill and are due on a monthly basis. SFS is intended to be used for educational purposes, such as textbooks or computers. For more information about SFS, please go to the SRFS website.

Absolutely! PennCash and meal plans are separate accounts that are both linked to your PennCard.

Yes! As long as you have an active account, your PennCash transfers from year to year while you are at the University. The University reserves the right to close a PennCash account when the cardholder graduates or withdraws from the University (with respect to students), terminates employment (with respect to faculty/staff) or if the cardholder's PennCard expires.

You must be graduating or otherwise leaving the University to receive a refund of PennCash.

Refunds must be requested through PennCash and a check will be mailed to the cardholder’s last known address.

The University reserves the right to apply unused PennCash to any outstanding balances owed to the University or its affiliates. It also reserves the right to debit a fee from any refund mailed or provided to you. 

You may also make a full or partial donation of unused PennCash to the Penn Fund, especially if your balance is a nominal. Log into PennCash with your PennKey and select "PennFund Donations" from the menu.

Occasionally, there may be a malfunction and you may not get the purchased item when using your PennCard. When this happens, request a refund online or in person and we will help put you in touch with the appropriate vendor.