Old & Outdated PennCard Request Form Sunset

An example of an outdated PennCard Request Form Beginning July 1, 2023, older and outdated versions of the PennCard Request Form will not be accepted. The only accepted forms will be those generated through the online PennCard Request Form.

What form versions will not be accepted?

Old versions of the PennCard Request Form from past years, similar to the type illustrated here, will not be accepted after July 1, 2023. 

Why are you making this change?

Prior to FY 2019, the TAC Card was used to make an imprint on physical copies of the PennCard Request Form that authorized both payment and issuance. As there is no replacement for TAC that can be used to mark physical documents as authorized, the online PennCard Request Form was created as a way that PennCard authorizers can more securely authorize requests. The online form has a number of advantages over the old paper forms, including:

  • Near-instant receipt of copies of the form to emails; email fields for the authorizer, sponsor, and card recipient provided to keep everyone "in the loop"
  • Near-instant receipt of the form at the PennCard Center when you hit submit
  • Paperless; request forms made this way are "born digital"
  • Protected by Shibboleth

The PennCard Center strongly recommends switching to the use of the online PennCard Request Form before the July 1 sunset date to help your card recipients have the smoothest experience possible when having their card issued.